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In accordance with Texas Architectural Barriers Rules,
adopted June 1, 1994, all new construction and all
construction renovations within the State of Texas must
comply with at least the minimum requirements for
handicapped accessibility set forth by the Architectural
Barriers Act - Texas Civil Statutes Article 9102.  All new
construction and / or construction renovation projects of
$50,000 or more must have their Construction Documents
(Working Drawings and Project Manual / Specifications)
must be formally submitted for an accessibility
no later than the twentieth (20th) day after the
design professional issues the construction documents for
Building Permit or for construction.  If the Owner does not
use the services of a Design Professional, the Owner must
still submit their documents!  Please visit the Texas
Department of Licensing and Regulation website for more
information at

Fred D. Cawyer AIA - Architect
Fred has over thirty six years of architectural design and
Project Management experience in both small and
large-scale commercial construction projects.  Having
specialized in providing a "common sense" approach to
handicapped accessibility consulting since 1995, Fred has
been directly involved in the Plan Review and on-site
Inspections of over 7,000 construction projects representing
over one billion dollars in construction costs.  Fred and the
ARS Team of caring professionals assist Architects,
Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, and Professional
Engineers and their clients in the specialized area of
"universal design" to meet the unique needs of the disabled.
Fred D. Cawyer AIA
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