Daily / Weekly / Monthly accessibility
"Faux pas" discovered & documented during
State of Texas on-site accessibility Inspections

What's wrong with this picture -
DON'T park anything within the disabled's
parking space access aisle!

When there is a countertop 60" or longer
associated with a "common-use" sink, must
also have at least a 36" long portion of the
countertop (in addition to the 30" wide front
approach knee space at the sink) also at a
maximum of 34" AFF!

Must not have anything within the required
60" X 60" Clear Floor Space (CFS) of the
accessible water-closet plumbing fixture -
from finished floor to above 80".  Therefore,
no potentially hazardous upper wall-hung
storage cabinets !

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Sometimes, you just have to do
"radical" construction to make
things "fit" - such as trimming
the 36" minimum long rear
grab-bar escutcheons !
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